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Chia-Yi Tung has always attached great importance, within the scope of its activities, to the privacy of individuals, including its clients, co-contractors, employees and visitors to its website. No matter how the range of goods and services we offer might grow and the way that technology might develop, protecting personal information will always continue to be one of our objectives.

This policy describes Chia-Yi Tung’s principles in relation to the protection of personal information.

This information is collected and disclosed, first and foremost, with regard to the goods and services provided by Chia-Yi Tung. In all cases, Chia-Yi Tung faithfully protects the privacy of individuals and the integrity of their personal information.

  1. Definition

Personal information is any information which relates to a natural person and allows that person to be identified, other than his or her name, his or her position, his or her address and work telephone number and his or her e-mail address. The home address, date of birth and social insurance number, as well as medical and financial information constitute personal information.

  1. Responsibility

Chia-Yi Tung is responsible for the personal information it manages, including personal information disclosed to third parties for processing and administrative purposes.

  1. Determination of the Purposes of Collecting Personal Information

Chia-Yi Tung determines the purposes for which it collects personal information before collecting it or at the time of collecting it, unless these purposes are obvious.

  1. Consent

Chia-Yi Tung will not collect, use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent and knowledge of the individual or as required by law.

  1. Limitation of Chia-Yi Tung’s Collection of Personal Information

The collection of personal information by Chia-Yi Tung is limited to what is necessary for the purposes that it has mentioned. Chia-Yi Tung always obtains personal information through fair and legal methods.

There is a possibility that Chia-Yi Tung may collect and use a third party’s information on a person, when the law so authorizes it, and with the individual’s consent in all other cases.

  1. Limitations of Using and Disclosing Personal Information by Chia-Yi Tung Chia-Yi Tung will not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent of the person or as required by law.
  2. Retention of Personal Information by Chia-Yi Tung

Chia-Yi Tung retains personal information for as long as it is reasonably needed for the identified purposes or as required by law.

  1. Accuracy of Personal Information Held by Chia-Yi Tung

Chia-Yi Tung will make responsible efforts to ensure that personal information of individuals is as accurate and complete as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

Chia-Yi Tung makes reasonable efforts to ensure that individuals’ personal information is as accurate and complete as required by the purposes for which is it used. No request for rectification may be considered unless it is made in writing, in accordance with the request for access to personal information process as hereinafter provided.

  1. Protection of Personal Information

Chia-Yi Tung agrees to establish and apply safety measures as are appropriate to ensure the confidentiality of the information.

  1. Transparency

Chia-Yi Tung will readily make information available to individuals about its policies and practices relating to the management of personal information. Chia-Yi Tung is opened about its policies to ensure the privacy of personal information.

  1. Access to Personal Information

Subject to relevant legislation, on receipt of a written request from an individual in this regard, Chia-Yi Tung informs the individual whether it holds any personal information about him or her.

On receipt of such written request, Chia-Yi Tung sends a summary of how the information is or has been used, provides a list of any third parties to which the information has been disclosed and the purpose for disclosing the information to third parties.

Chia-Yi Tung may decline to provide an individual access to his or her information, in accordance with applicable laws, in which case it shall state its reason or reasons for such decision, except when it is prohibited from doing so by law.

  1. Complaints and Requests for Access to Personal Information

Any person about whom Chia-Yi Tung has personal information may file a complaint regarding Chia-Yi Tung’s non-compliance with this policy.


Complaints and requests for access may be submitted in writing to the person in charge of privacy protection at Chia-Yi Tung, 204 St-Sacrement #300 Montreal PQ H2Y1W8, by phone at 514-826-8888 or by e-mail at


Chia-Yi Tung has procedures in place to receive and respond to complaints concerning this policy and its personal information handling practices.


If an individual is not satisfied with /Chia-Yi Tung’s reply to a complaint or policies and practices with regard to handling personal information, he or she may file a complaint with the Commission d’accès à l’information on the Commissioner’s website at

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about your personal information or Chia-Yi Tung’s privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of privacy protection at 514-826-8888 or by e-mail at Thank you!

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